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Dear Customers,

What a week we had last week. In a short span of a week we had hot weather like May, rain like September and snow fall or perhaps freezing rain like November. Don’t forget the cloudy & windy weekend either. Well it reminds us that we are in Toronto and things change here fast.

As the weather changes abruptly, it effects driver’s ability some time to make quick changes.  For example you go to work in different weather & come home in different weather. I personally forgot where my snow brush was in the car until I saw the snow when leaving for home. So it is good to check the weather, specially on the phone.

Due to sudden change in weather also causes accidents because some people might have change the tires because officially winter is over. And that makes them do some wrong move during driving assuming they have winter tires in mid April snow. Therefore always contact handy.

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Galaxy Car and Truck Rentals is simply an efficient car rental companies.  We understand & care for the customers  from the heart. And when customers call us during emergency we respond to them immediately. As family man we care genuinely what customers need in case of accident. They need response, attention, advice, help guidance what to do from this point & onwards. Our experienced staff will help you in your tough time and provide you car on location and arrange the towing for your car as well.

So regardless where you are in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) give Galaxy Car Rentals a call & we sure will take care of you immediately in the time of car accident.